Bantex & Beautone Display Books  

3168 Bantex A5 display book 20 pockets, black
31715 Beautone A4 display book 20 pockets, black
31725 Beautone A4 display book 40 pockets, black
31745 Beautone A4 display book 60 pockets, black
3163 Bantex A3 display book 20 pockets, black

acid-free polypropylene


Bantex & Beautone display books are simple, economical solutions for display, presentation and storage of items. These display books are available in various sizes, and are ideal for home-printed photographs, documents, kids' artworks, school projects and assignments, business presentations and many other uses.

Sizes are roughly equivalent to 8"x6", 12"x8" and 16"x12" photographic sizes, although trimming of several millimetres from the length of the photographs may be required to make true photographic prints fit into these books.

Each book has clear polypropylene pockets strongly welded into a black leather-grained polypropylene cover. Spine pieces can be personalised or replaced if required.

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