Kikusui 190 Double-Sided Tapes  

450650 Kikusui 190 double-sided tape 6mm x 50m
450950 Kikusui 190 double-sided tape 9mm x 50m
451250 Kikusui 190 double-sided tape 12mm x 50m
451850 Kikusui 190 double-sided tape 18mm x 50m
452450 Kikusui 190 double-sided tape 24mm x 50m

high strength long life acrylic adhesive

UV and temperature resistant

hand tearable


Kikusui 190 double-sided tapes are strong, reliable double-sided tapes ideal for permanently mounting pictures, photographs, documents, signs, cards, etc, as well as a wide range of other applications.

Kikusui 190 double-sided paper tissue tape has a rayon paper carrier coated with high-performance acrylic adhesive on both sides. The rayon paper tissue carrier provides strength, and makes the tape easy to use by hand. Kikusui 190 double-sided tape has excellent UV, temperature and solvent resistance, and is a very high quality double-sided tape ideal for use not only in photographic displays and cardmaking but for signage and displays featuring heavy card, plastics, rubbers and foams, timbers and thin metals such as nameplates and plaques; holding materials such as leather, vinyl and fabric together during assembly and stitching; even for use as seamstick in sailmaking.

This tape is easily dispensed from the roll by hand. We do not carry dispensers for this tape. Spindle diameter is 3".

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