Galeria Plastic Photo Frames

 Walther TrendStyle photo frames

This item is now discontinued. Stocks are limited.

K-015 Galeria photo frame 10x15cm (6"x4")
K-318 Galeria photo frame 13x18cm (7"x5")
K-520 Galeria photo frame 15x20cm (8"x6")
K-025 Galeria photo frame 20x25cm (10"x8")
K-835 Galeria photo frame 28x35cm (14"x11")
K-330 Galeria photo frame 30x30cm (12"x12")
K-040 Galeria photo frame 30x40cm (16"x12")

plastic moulding

glass face

masonite backboard


Galeria frames from Walther are economical frames with well-finished plastic moldings. They are available in various coloures and sizes:

  • 10x15cm: gold, silver, red, blue

  • 13x18cm: gold, silver, red, blue

  • 15x20cm: gold, silver, red, blue

  • 20x25 cm: silver, blue

  • 30x30 cm: black, red, blue

  • 28x35 cm: black

  • 30x40 cm: gold, silver

  • 6"x4", 7"x5", 8"x6" and 10"x8" frames each include a timber easel to stand horizontally or vertically.

    12"x12", 11"x14" and 16"x12" frames have no easel, but include a hanging bracket.

    Walther's Galeria frames are a well made, simple range of quality photo frames. All frames have glass faces. All corners are neatly cut and secured firmly with metal corner pieces. All backboards and easels are made from timber, and all clips are metal and securely riveted.

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