Albox Library Storage Boxes  

44A4 Albox A4 library box, one-piece
44LBF Albox Foolscap library box, one-piece
44A3 Albox A3 library box, two-piece
44A2 Albox A2 library box, two-piece

archival polypropylene

conservation quality

made in Australia

supplied unassembled


Albox library storage boxes are made from archival-quality 'Pro Meg' polypropylene which has passed the PAT and has been approved by the National Archives of Australia.

Each Albox library storage box is 4" (10cm) deep, and is constructed entirely from archival-quality polypropylene. Ideally, documents would be already stored individually in archival box liners or sleeving, and then finally be stored in an Albox library box for protection from humidity, light, atmospheric pollutants, dust, insects and rodents.

Albox A4 and Foolscap one-piece boxes feature a flip-top lid on the short end which closes with a single tab.

Albox A3 and A2 two-piece boxes feature a black tray and separate grey lid which lock together with tabs on every side.

A4 box measures about 30 x 21 x 10cm.
Foolscap box measures about 33 x 21 x 10cm.
A3 box measures about 42 x 30 x 10cm.
A2 box measures about 60 x 42 x 10cm.

Boxes are supplied flat-packed and require assembly.

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