Albox Archival A4 Oversize Binders


44BSCBK 40mm binder & slip-cover, black
44BSCBL 40mm binder & slip-cover, blue
44BSCDG 40mm binder & slip-cover, dark grey
44BSCLG 40mm binder & slip-cover, light grey

44PORTBK 25mm binder & slip-cover, black
44PORTBL 25mm binder & slip-cover, blue
44PORTDG 25mm binder & slip-cover, dark grey

A4 oversize

slipcover included

archival polypropylene

conservation quality

made in Australia


Albox binders are made from archival-quality 'Pro Meg' polypropylene which has passed the PAT (Photographic Activity Test) and has been approved by the National Archives of Australia.

Each Albox Binder includes a matching slip-cover for extra protection and ease of storage. In the slip-covers, the binders are better protected from crushing, moisture, vermin and light. The binders and slip-covers are made of archival-quality polypropylene, and feature tough, patented nylon ring mechanisms which are metal-free so they won't rust or tarnish.

Binders are available in different sizes and colours. Use these binders and Albox pages to create a custom archival storage system to quickly and safely preserve photos and enlargements, negatives, slides and documents.

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