Classic Maxi Album  

FA372BB Classic maxi regular album, black


50 black leaves (100 pages)


The Classic maxi regular photo album is a presentable and versatile multi-purpose maxi photo album, containing 100 black acid-free pages with white ricepaper-patterned interleaving.

The Classic has a thick, smooth and luxuriant padded vinyl cover with a hint of leather-grain, and raised ribbing on the spine for a truly classic presentation.

The REGULAR album has a cover size of 29x32cm, with a usable page surface of 260mm x 307mm (10.25" x 12.2"), large enough to comfortably hold three to four 6"x4" photos per surface, depending on layout, or five at a squeeze (300 photos comfortably, with a maximum capacity of 500 prints 6"x4"), or enlargements up to 8"x10" either way, or 8"x12" portraits. This album contains 50 black acid-free leaves (100 surfaces) with interleaving.

This is a dry-mount album, so mounting products such as tabs, corners or paste are required to mount your photos onto the pages.

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